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Your personal electronic relationship advisor

Start your new relationship successfully with MatchLinC...

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Discover how compatible you are with someone with a push of a button!

What value would you put on finding out if the person across from you is the ONE you've been looking for and worthy to be your long-time soul mate? 

What normally takes months or even years, you can now achieve instantly with



The MatchLinC® is an electronic match-making device which accurately compares two people's personalities to see how compatible they are.  As such, it allows you to make a completely informed decision about your emotional, romantic or sexual partner choices!
Simply enter once your personality profile into the MatchLinC by answering the included questionnaire.  Your answers will be encrypted and never be revealed to anyone.


YES!  MatchLinC is the answer I have been looking for to help me find the right person for me, with whom I can enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding long-term relationship. 

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Still skeptical? Find out the reasons why MatchLinC can be your expert relationship advisor, as well as many answers to the question Why should I buy MatchLinC? 
To experience how MatchLinC can benefit you, read the story that best relates to you in the  "Who uses MatchLinC?" section of our web site.


Feel more confident of your decision with MatchLinC.


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October 08, 2004

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